To help you for making business with Indonesia, We provide reliable export and import business services for all eligible items with the export value, from and to Indonesia.



  With abundant and generous natural resources, and high-quality products with suitable prices, Indonesia has been an attractive place for foreign businessmen to trade with. To make a safe and profitable business with Indonesia, you need a trustworthy and proactive partnership in Indonesia that researches for your inquiries, supplies from direct manufactories, handles the process of negotiation, purchasing, Quality controls, and packing, and handles transportation until destination ports. PT Salam Niaga Bakti helps you to achieve your business purpose with Indonesia.

Our Product

Today PT Salam Niaga Bakti supplies products such as Textile and clothes, Pulp and Paper, and Charcoal for barbecue purposes such as Hardwood Charcoal, Sawdust Charcoal, and White Copra (dried edible coconut) origin from Indonesia to the Middle East. and always ready to research and supply your new demands. 

Our Mission

Our Capital is Our Honesty
Our effort is supplying the highest quality from direct manufacturers
Our gift is saving your time and money
Our goal is your satisfaction
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